Monsoon Must Haves: 7 Stylish & Affordable Fashion Essentials Every Girl Should Own!

Monsoon Must Haves: 7 Stylish & Affordable Fashion Essentials Every Girl Should Own!

Finally, monsoon is here to arrive. And we can’t miss the chance to sip the piping hot chai with pakodas. But stepping out on the rainy days sometimes be quite unpleasant experiences. Hence we have listed some stylish & affordable monsoon fashion essentials that every girl should enjoy the weather!

Monsoon Must Haves: 7 Stylish & Affordable Fashion Essentials Every Girl Should Own!



1. Cute Skater Dress

Monsoon Must Haves 7 Stylish & Affordable Fashion Essentials Every Girl Should Own!

Always prefer wearing short dresses during the monsoons. Jeans and full length outfit can be a messy task. In addition, also, check Skater Dresses from boutique that looks fab on any body type.


2. Fancy Windcheater

Of course, you need something to protect your fashionable clothes this monsoon. Umbrella is surely a savior, but a windcheater acts as an added protection. Also, they make a good monsoon fashion statement when teamed well!


3. Wear Shorts

Make shorts your best friend this monsoon. They are so easy to carry and don’t even get dirty while stepping in a puddle. While pants or jeans can be a hassle when wet. Choose your shorts in many prints like tropical, neon, abstract, tribal and floral. Get your shirts in super dry and thick fabric.


4. Quirky Umbrellas

Umbrellas are definitely the best accessory for monsoons. These come in so cute, fun and quirky prints with a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs. Try matching your umbrellas with your outfits for a funkier look.

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5. Plastic Accessories

Metal accessories tend to oxidize as they come in contact with water and thus lose their color and shine. Sometimes they also tend to irritate the skin during the monsoons. Hence it is recommended to wear plastic accessories. They also add an extra cool and fashionable look.


6. Monsoon-Friendly Handbags

Of course, you don’t want to spoil your delicate expensive bags this monsoon, right?  Hence we recommend choosing bags that can bear this weather. There are numerous options to choose from like waterproof backpacks, Clear bags or plastic tote bag which won’t get spoilt even if wet.

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7. See Through Sliders

Good footwear for monsoon is must have, plus they have to comfortable. These help in keeping your feet dry during monsoon and also add a chic look.

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