I am introducing an app that clearly has a motto of- “Why get money between our friendships?” I am sure many of us have
faced money issues at some point of time between friends. Few may repay you
without asking, while others don’t even bother to do that even after long time.
What do you do or think of in such situation when your friend forgets to return
your hard-earned money? It’s quite hard to ask money back from our friends and also
to forget the due, as we don’t want to lose the friendship for the money
matter. Think about it?
Mypoolin: An App To Plan And Share Money With Friends
Pic Courtesy: Mypoolin

a perfect solution to this problem- a cool app- Mypoolin helps you plan any
event like movie/trip/dinner party etc. easily, quickly and in a social manner.
Just download The Mypoolin Android app
and you are ready to go….

of Mypoolin

best feature of Mypoolin is that it helps in solving money pooling problems among
friends in a very social manner. A group of friends can plan any event/s on the
app and organize the event like pizza,
movies, dinner, parties, trips
, etc. A user can then collect the required money
from all the members in the group. The money that’s collected can be easily redeemed
through E-commerce vouchers or bank transfer through UPI (Unified Payments Interface). Mypoolin also partners with many popular
online wallets such as Paytm,
Payu, MobiKwik
Mypoolin: An App To Plan And Share Money With Friends
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UPI (Unified Payments Interface) Lets You Do?
now makes your payment task easier by supporting UPI. Firstly, you will need to
get your VPA from the bank. This will let you transfer money with UPI option in
Mypoolin app.
those who find it difficult to recollect their VPA, Mypoolin has something for them! It keeps your VPA saved with mobile numbers.
·       Instant
bank transfers with IMPS features (within all UPI enabled bank)
·       No
account number or IFSC code needed, either of the sender or receiver
·       Virtual
address like any unique email address is needed for payments. ex:jayshree@sbibank.
This makes the payment procedure quite simple and easy.
Mypoolin Works
Mypoolin is quite simple! You just have to invite your friends in a group
like you do in WhatsApp. Once all pays their share of money, you need to
transfer the collected amount to bank account! That’s it…
·       Download
Mypoolin App and Register yourself
·       Click
on Split & Settle or Plan & Pay
·       Start
a Pool by entering the details
·       Each
will contribute their share to make the event successful
am currently using Mypoolin to
create a Post Diwali Trip with my
office colleagues. Using this app is helping to sort all expenses without any
hassle. I have manually created all expense list using the app of our Diwali tour and shared them among all colleagues
to check and participate.
simple and cool app is free of cost and helps in saving time
and money. You just have to add all the information like expenses, timing,
date, etc. and share to let others know about the planned event. All this is
done without any hidden things and all can contribute by taking a proper decision
that suits them well. This smartphone mobile app also lets you
amend the event already created like change in the date, venue, etc.
is an awesome problem solving app about organizing any events with your friends
or family. It’s all done in a social manner and in a fun yet simple way. This unique
and very innovative concept is a must try for all who don’t wish to get money
matter into friendship. In fact, you can also plan a gift budget and share
among family members.
Now no more wasting time to convince anyone or share all the event details again
and again. You can spend this time to do something really useful!!!

plan your favorite movies, trips,
dinner, birthday, events, pizza party,
etc. with your friends in the best
way. The app also allows you to do group
to plan an event. What more can I ask than this- to make my event
planning so simple and easy…
Install the Mypoolin app and start
planning your event now!!!


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