Pampers Event: #softestforbabyskin

Pampers Event: #softestforbabyskin
I was busy the last Sunday, 20th September 2015 with
the Pampers
. This grand event was held at JW Marriott, Sahar.  I of course didn’t want to miss the event for Pampers
being the #1
selling diaper brand worldwide
. Thus, planned to take my baby along
and later even my husband joined.
Pampers Event softestforbabyskin
My LO loves moving freely around with that giggles
and excitement everywhere. I love watching her in this mode and am sure this is
an essential part of her development.
Pampers Event softestforbabyskin
The event all about this! No… Not letting your babies
move without any clothes in the house but a product launch that is quite
. Let’s take a sneak peak to this event!
Pampers launched their new Pampers Premium Care Pant which
is very soft
& dry
that the babies will hardly even notice.
This has all-around too soft waistband
Great dryness which  absorbs any wetness and even locks it well
Ensures the baby’s skin to be very dry
and comfortable.
Made of Soft materials
Snug fit cuff to minimize leakage
Up to 12 hours of dryness
Contains Baby lotion
Has Wetness Indicator
You can try them yourself:

This exclusive bloggers event mainly focused on happy
and healthy development of babies. The diaper launched was never seen
innovation before that was headed with powerful demonstrations to highlight its softness and
.  I got to know the India’s softest
that my baby will hardly even notice!
“The less baby notices his pants, the more he can feel free to
focus on exploring the world, which helps them learn and develop every day.”


Gorgeous Actress & Celebrity mother: Tara Sharma
Child sleep consultant-Ajita Gopal Seethepalli
Pampers R&D Expert – Dr. Wei Sing Long
Beautiful Actress & Television presenter-Mandira Bedi

All of these celebs and experts spoke about infant’s skin
& the ways to keep it soft & dry even while using
diaper for happy development.
Few Highlights And Important Things That You Surely Can’t Miss
To Know What Happened In The Event:

Before the product was disclosed, all bloggers
were asked to feel the hands in a slot of a box kept on the tables to feel the diapers
softness. The diaper brand was not revealed and we had to vote for the softest.
Of course, the result had to be Pampers with 92% votes.
New Pampers Premium Care Pants- Product Launch
The Pampers expert’s panel gave the
product demonstration to showcase Pampers Premium Care Pants to be softest diaper-
soft as a mother’s touch.
Celebs like Tara and Mandira also shared their
personal motherhood experiences. They spoke on the need of a premium soft &
dry diaper for a babies overall development.
Pampers Event softestforbabyskin
Pampers Event softestforbabyskin


Pampers Event softestforbabyskin


Ajita Seethepalli said to have
connection between a diapers softness and the baby’s sleeping pattern. She gave
her expert knowledge on –how important it is for a baby to get a continuous
sleep & uninterrupted playtime. These things related directly to the mental
and physical, development of a baby.
Ajita Seethepalli, Leading Baby Sleep Consultant
quoted “The importance of a good diaper (in terms of softness, dryness and fit)
should not be underestimated. Babies have to be physically interacting with
their environment in order to learn and understand it. Diapering baby in soft
and dry pants like Pampers Premium Care can be a great way to help enable
undistracted exploration, giving him the giggling feeling of freedom you both
Dr. WeiSing Long, Scientist & R&D expert
helped us know about the very unique features of the newly launched product-
Premium Care Pants.
One-to-one expert’s discussion with the
Pampers Event softestforbabyskin


Pampers Event softestforbabyskin
My Baby in conversation!
Got goodies!!!
Pampers Event softestforbabyskin
Headed for refreshing tea/coffee with
some tasty snacks
at the hotel.
checking cakes on the display @JW Marriott Sahar

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JW Marriott Sahar

My Baby checking the new launch:

Pampers Event softestforbabyskin


Pampers Event softestforbabyskin


Pampers Event softestforbabyskin


Pampers Event softestforbabyskin


Pampers Event softestforbabyskin

Me & We Time @Pampers event

Pampers Event softestforbabyskin


Pampers Event softestforbabyskin


Pampers Event softestforbabyskin


Pampers Event softestforbabyskin


Pampers Event softestforbabyskin



NEW Pampers Premium Care Pants Review
soon to follow. Keep reading!!

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