All Set To Go….Goa And Mobile Makeup

All Set To Go….Goa And Mobile Makeup
Vacation in Goa can never be boring and thus our family members love to enjoy it together here at any special occasion. In Fact, I even went here for honeymoon after visiting there for 4 times….Lol. …and to the even best my hubby also loves the place to the core.
This picture defines the true Goa but it’s even much more than this.
Now it’s our 6th trip that we are planning for Goa, though the others trips are not featured on the blog…I am making a full attempt to capture everything this time for my lovely readers and provide them with the details that could help for their future visit.
Now, the question is- can I actually carry my camera everywhere I go in Goa? The answer is “NO” for the below reasons:
1.     My 1 year lil’ angel
2.     Rainy season
3.     Hefty diaper bag with all her accessory and needful things
4.     My husband neither bro love to capture pics everywhere and anywhere.
So, now that you know the reason…I am sure you pity on me. 🙁 But, I have found a solution to it. Recently I came across an article on Rewardme site that pins on “5 Easy Ways to Perfect Mobile Makeup”.

This came to me as a saviour as I will carry my cell phone everywhere and do click-click anywhere I want. At least few selfies/OOTD’s with makeup for the blog. Let me just make it short and explain how that will be useful to me:
·        No shiny face to look fresh in the pics.
·        You have to prepare your face by doing the proper routine CTM and then start with the makeup to get flawless face and natural glow.
·        Apply concealer on your eye bags that is a shade lighter than the skin tone.
·        Pop a Colour on face using lipstick, blush, lip balm, etc.
·        Maintain a good posture while taking a pic
·        That little smile can never go wrong.

I am surely following all the above tricks to look the best in my pics. Waiting to be there at Goa on 31st July to do flea shopping and post them on blog.

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