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How A Plate Full Of Biryani Can Make You Healthy

Recently, a leading news website, Indian Today has published a report which states that India is the third ranked country in the world with a high number of people suffering from obesity. This fact seems really bizarre in a country like India, where half of the population still lives below the poverty line and the…

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Drumstick Leaves Dal Recipe

Moringa Leaves Dal is a popular recipe from Bihar, Bengal and also known as Murungakeerai paruppu in South India. This is a nutrition packed lentil stew that is a rich source of proteins, vitamins etc. Dal with Moringa greens is made with cooked drumstick leaves, Masoor Dal, and very few other ingredients that give it…

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Moong Dal Pakoda Recipe

You call it Moong dal mangode, Moong dal bhajiya or Moong Dal Pakoda- it’s all the same! With pitter- patter rains, we Indian love to enjoy some delicious, crispy and deep-fried snack. What better can you think than the Moong Dal Pakoda that is known for its texture and flavor? Let’s Check Moong Dal Pakoda…

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